27 Feb, 2018

Life coaches are far more important than you have imagined. Many say it’s okay to not have a life coach but believe me; life coaches are helpful and can change your life.

One of the most inspiring stories of success after consulting a life coach is that of Ali Brown, the founder and CEO of Ali International. She started off her career as an assistant ad writer. Soon she quit her job and took up freelancing. However, she wanted to do something big in life. Ali Brown met a life coach who helped her set her goals and today she is a multi-millionaire who has also launched her own magazine. Ali Magazine caters to female entrepreneurs and over 40,000 people are constantly being benefited by her online programmes. Ms Brown found her calling in life by discovering her potential and help from her life coach.

A life coach will serve as a guide on your path towards success and help you reach your goals. As humans we constantly seek motivation and clarity towards our goals and tend to waver while on our way towards it. A life coach helps provide you with the push you need and will help you work towards your personal and professional success.

A life coach is more than just a mentor. He will be your friend and guide when there’s no one else to see you through.

I personally believe life coaches can work wonders and here are 7 reasons why you need a life coach:

1. Life coach will help you get clarity
On our way towards success, we will meet distractions that can draw us away from our purpose. Blurred purpose can cause us to move away from our goals and take us towards failure. Consulting a life coach will help you gain clarity of your purpose. You can refocus on your purpose and stay motivated towards your goal.

2. Life coach will help you gain confidence
Confidence is one such aspect that we humans struggle with. Some are over-confident while some are under-confident. Both can be an issue and can only result in failure. Having confidence is extremely crucial especially when you have a goal and vision in mind. A life coach will help you gain that confidence. Life coach will motivate you towards your goal and show you the best about yourself.

Life can be hard and you can feel undeserving at times. A life coach will help you understand that life is so much bigger than you think it is. If you can be happy with yourself, you can always find positivity in everything that’ll help you reach your goals sooner than ever.

3. Life coach will help you find yourself
Many-a-times people are confused about themselves. They are unclear about what they want in life which makes them stagnant even while they can grow. This is a huge hindrance and a life coach can help you here. A life coach can help you dig into your deepest self and make you who you are. He will inspire you and help you meet your true potential that remains raw and undiscovered.

Unless you are able to find your personal calling, you’ll always remain unsatisfied. This feeling of remaining unproductive and doing what you don’t love both at home or work can make you completely disoriented from your true purpose. Discover your true self with the help of a life coach.

4. Fight your snags with the help of a life coach
The pathway to success is not easy and smooth. It’s rough, complicated and could seem impossible to trail through. You will want to give up and run into a cave. A life coach can help you stay your ground. He can help you overcome your obstacles and discover your true calling.

5. Life coach will pull you out of your comfort zone
As humans we often build our own comfort zones and find our comfort within it. These comfort zones are extremely hazardous to success. A life coach can pull you out of these comfort zones and give you tips for success. Successful people have always been those who have found their calling and have left their comfort zones and taken risks in life. Walt Disney, who created magic with Walt Disney animations, also faced failures that helped him leave his comfort zone. He was told by the editor of the newspaper he worked at that he ‘lacked imagination and had no good ideas’. Today the animation company that bears his name is the most successful company for creative animation and great content. He said, “I think it’s important to have a good hard failure when you’re young… Because it makes you kind of aware of what can happen to you. Because of it I’ve never had any fear in my whole life when we’ve been near collapse and all of that. I’ve never been afraid.”

A life coach will help you discover that it’s okay to fail and will help you learn out of your failure.

6. Life coach will always support you when no one else will
Many lose their hope and passion for their dreams because they lack support from their friends and family. It’s true that the support of our loved ones is extremely important to achieve anything in life; however, many don’t find that support. A life coach can always help in this situation. He can provide mental and emotional support every time you feel you’re not good enough. He will help you embrace your true self and propel you towards your goal.

7. Life coach will help you get more out of life
While a life coach will focus on your personal and professional growth, he will also make sure that you are doing your very best in life. He’ll help you constantly discover yourself and unravel the mysteries of your true potential and knowledge to you.

He will always be there to make you feel better about yourself and will help you touch upon life’s alluring places of peace and comfort.

As a life coach, I have been able to help people change and motivate themselves constantly. That makes me more confident that a life coach can work wonders, like I mentioned before.

Why don’t you try it out and see your life change?

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