27 Feb, 2018

As human minds are always full of thoughts. These thoughts spring up from experiences and imagination. Our thoughts have the power to transform our life for the better or the worse. Many are victims of depression and anxiety because of their negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can cause a lot of damage to a person’s image of himself and the world.

Negative thoughts hold the power to cause sleepless nights, make one feel under-confident and could also lead to suicide. One of the many stories that have inspired me is that of Florence Nightingale. Ms.Nightingale was born into a wealthy British family in 1820. Her father, who was a wealthy land-owner, expected her to get married and bear children like every other woman in the society then. Displeased they disagreed, however, she persisted and at the age of 30 she joined a nursing school and went on to become one of the most loved and remembered nurses of all time who aided the soldiers wounded in war. She was rightly called the ‘Lady with a Lamp’. She left a legacy for people aspiring to be nurses and this was possible because she didn’t listen to her negative thoughts. Her parents persuaded her to do something she didn’t want to which could’ve easily caused her to think negative about herself and the future. But she stood her ground and left a lesson for us all to learn from.

You will be able to be successful only if you fight negative thoughts and here are 6 techniques to help you fight negative thoughts:

1. Focus on your thoughts
Your thoughts are what make you and negative thoughts can make you a negative person. In order to fight negative thinking, focus on your thoughts and understand what is causing those thoughts. Once you identify the source of your thoughts, you can help replace them with positive thoughts. When negativity is replaced by positivity, you can reach the peak of success in no time.

2. Be practical
It’s important to understand that life is full of challenges and not so good things can happen. There will be bad times, but the real task is to fight the bad times with positive thoughts. For instance, your car runs out of fuel and you find yourself stuck in an area where no gas stations are in sight. What do you do? Would you rather find a way out of the situation or sit and sulk at the situation? Negativity is bound to be a major force but replacing that with positivity here would help you find the solution. Positivity can calm your mind to think better and you might be able to find someone to pick you up and drive you to the gas station with the car, and boom, your problem could be solved.

3. Stay away from negative people
The people we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on how we think and behave. If you surround yourself with negative people, you’ll think negatively and ultimately become a negative person. Being around positive people will also have a huge impact on you and you’ll start thinking positively. Positive people are always brimming with ideas, good talk and positive thoughts. Surrounding yourself with such people will only help you become confident and will lead you closer to success.

4. Don’t expect perfection
Expecting perfection in everything will only cause negative thoughts when things aren’t perfect. Nothing will ever be perfect, so it’s important to understand and find good things in every negative situation. Work hard and do your best, success will come your way.

5. Enforce positive “what if’s”
Negative “what ifs” is what triumphs in the lives of a majority of people. This negativity keeps one away from stepping out of one’s comfort zone and is the biggest obstacle to success. For instance, a man wants to set up a tea stall and has a minimum capital to invest in buying the necessary equipment. He looks for a place to set up his tea stall and decides to finalise. However, the obstacle he now faces is that just opposite his tea stall is another shop that sells a variety of different flavors in tea. This means that the level of competition this man will face is exponential. Now, he can think of two ways. If he says, “What if I set up my stall here and my tea business is a failure? Let’s not do it. I can’t ever be successful.” This thought will never let him come out of his comfort zone and his vision for his business would be a complete failure. However, if he says, “What if I try my hand at tea making in this area and make sure that I attract customers with my reasonable price and high-quality tea?” His attitude towards competition can get him the success he’s looking for. Enforce positive “what ifs” and see how radically your life changes.

6. Practice gratitude
Negative thoughts can become a norm if you’re always looking for negative aspects in a situation. Practicing being grateful for the little moments of joy can positively influence the force of positivity in your life. Wake up in the morning and practice to be grateful for the day and expect good things. Expecting good things will help you stay positive even when negativity holds the string.

I believe positivity is the only solution to negativity and negative thoughts can only be fought with positive thoughts. Be positive and get all the success you seek.

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